Prayer Cabin

The Prayer Cabin was dedicated to the Lord at 5pm during our Open House on June 1, 2013*We apologize, but the Prayer Cabin is currently not available for use.

On November 3, 2012, a work crew began building, on the back of our property, a new Prayer Cabin that was gifted to The Cross Worship Ministry.  Volunteers from The Cross Worship Teams have built it from the foundation up.  Using wood that was milled here from our own pine trees last fall, the walls and ceiling of the cabin look wonderful and it smells so nice inside!  The tile floor has a beautiful cross in the center of the room.  We held a Service of Dedication to the Lord for the Prayer Cabin during our 2013 Annual Open House.

Be sure to let us know when you would like to schedule some time for yourself to get away with the Lord in this rustic cabin, nestled amongst the trees and the neighbor’s horses!  You may call us at 770-222-5998 to reserve your time or do so when you come by for worship. 

Prayer Cabin Etiquette:  The Prayer Cabin is intended for prayer and fasting in an isolated setting.  This is its sole purpose.  As far as we know, this is the only facility like this in Cobb County.  There is no electricity and no plumbing.  You may use the restroom facilities in The Cross if it is open, or you may consider driving to the nearby Kroger (Macland Road and Lost Mountain Road) to use their public restrooms.  Please do not smoke or bring alcohol.  Please leave your cell phone in your car.  Leave the cabin the way you found it, or better, so the next person can be blessed.

Click here to view the dedication video.

To view more pictures click here:  Prayer Cabin Raising Album