Cheri Harrison – Worshiper

I feel so blessed each time I am at the Cross.  At the Open House this year I had the most amazing time with God first and then getting to know so many new people from the ministry. Truly, The Cross Worship Ministry is a place where God is present and this time with Him Saturday was something I have needed for many weeks.  I will not work next year on that day of celebration because the gifts I received the short time I was there were irreplaceable.  I am looking forward to getting my life more in tune with what our Lord God wants for me because I have been feeling lost quite a bit lately because of working so much.  It was the most amazing experience I have ever had worshiping the Lord. Thank you, Mark and Linda, for your dedication to loving and serving God’s plan for you.  (June 2012)


Bette Hayden – Worshiper and Intercessor

I often go to TCWM to sit and make the great exchange mentioned in Isaiah 61:3,

“Beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they may be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified.”

After worshiping in the presence of the Lord, He is  magnified and my problems become small.  My faith in who God is and what He can do is restored as I sing and read His word.  God changes my heart and brings healing and restoration to my soul.  I feel the Lord’s pleasure and love for me and I leave changed, thankful and glorifying God.  (2011)


Mark Henry, Former Worship Leader – Living Hope Church

“I started leading worship at The Cross Worship Ministry in spring of 2004, and can’t even begin to quantify what a blessing it has been to me professionally as a worship leader, my personal spirituality and maturity, and the development of our Worship Team. I’ve even had congregants at our church walk up and ask me “What is going on with the worship team?” (in a good way) as several of my team members regularly lead or participate in worship at the Cross. While the “main thing” at The Cross Worship Ministry is hosting the presence of God, the fruits that are realized for worship leaders as a “by-product” are amazing. Worship leaders who feel like they need personal worship time away from their congregational duties will love this place. It’s a place to simply come before the Lord in all His magnificence and worship—no worries about sound systems, vocal parts, instrumentation, and so on. Just worship. If you are a worship leader in the Cobb or Paulding area, you really need to check out The Cross Worship Ministry. It has made a profound impact on my life in every way possible.”


Lynda Poole – Worshiper and Intercessor

“The most awesome thing about The Cross Worship Ministry is feeling the awesome presence of the Holy Spirit upon entering the facility. The second most awesome thing is the opportunity to spend intimate time with God in praise and worship, prayer, and Bible reading. God put a hunger in my heart to be in His presence in worship. Finding the time to spend with Him without interruption from the people and things around me was difficult. I prayed for several years for a place I could go to spend this time with Him. The Cross Worship Ministry is how God answered this prayer.”

“Since I have been worshiping at The Cross Worship Ministry, I have gone through periods of transitions in my personal life. Many of these transitions have been marked with losses of various types. With these losses came pain. Emotional pain. During these painful transitional periods I came to the Cross Worship Ministry and God has blessed me with healing. He has renewed my spirit and given me peace. I have never come to “The Cross” hurting when God did not heal the hurt before I left. I stayed with Him until I received the healing that I needed.”

“The Cross Worship Ministry is a place where I can spend intimate time with God in worship. It is a place where I have received inner healing. It is also a place where I have received physical healing.”

“In January 2004 I received a negative report from my annual mammogram. A second mammogram confirmed the first. And a sonogram yet confirmed the mammograms. The doctor referred me to the Marietta Breast Center to see a surgeon. The Sunday before my appointment with the surgeon I came to worship at The Cross. I didn’t feel “spiritual” that day. In fact, I felt like the least of God’s children. As I sat silently in God’s presence, I heard God speak the word “oil” to me. Looking up in response I saw Linda Baer reaching for the anointing oil. She came to where I was seated and said God had instructed her to anoint me. She rubbed oil over my forehead as she said to me, “God is your Healer.” “Jehovah Rapha is your Healer.” We sat quietly in God’s presence.”

“I didn’t think about it again after I left worship. That night I had a dream where I felt God was saying to me “I have my hand on this.” The next day as I was going to my appointment, I had no fear. I was not afraid. The doctor read the reports and examined me with a sonogram. She read the reports again and examined me again. She asked where the lump was. I showed her. She examined me again and said “I can’t find anything!” It was then that I realized that God had taken it out. I have been examined 3 times over the past year. Each test has confirmed that God removed the lump.”

“I believe the reason we do not see more people healed is because we do not spend time with Him, building an intimate relationship with Him. Nor do we spend enough time in His healing presence. We need to find the place God would lead us to spend time in His presence—giving Him glory and receiving His. For me, that place is the The Cross Worship Ministry.”