The Cross Worship Ministry (TCWM Music, Inc.) recording studio is here to assist Christian musicians complete their musical projects designed to glorify Christ.  TCWM is dedicated to supporting artists wishing to do something good for the Kingdom of God.  God has given us a great place that will help those wanting to record a song or write and produce their own project.

At TCWM Music Studios, we can help you with all your recording projects.  Examples include:

  • Individual projects
  • Worship team recordings
  • Scripture CDs
  • Promotional audio CDs

You can check out some of our sample recordings here and also on our new web radio station, TCWM Music RadioTCWM Music Web Radio is currently playing many songs that have been recorded at TCWM Music.  Go here to listen and enjoy these different artists’ songs.

We can also help with:

  • Graphic design
  • Music notation
  • Publicity
  • Internet sales

We have access to:

  • Talented musicians to play or sing on your project
  • Songwriters, arrangers, and composers
  • Professional Christian musicians with a vast experience in both the music industry and the church
  • Individuals experienced in studio engineering, producing, and mixing

Available equipment and support includes:

  • Mac octocore-processor computer technology
  • Pro tools mixing software
  • Mackie 24-channel digital recording
  • Microphones by Shure, AKG, Rode, Art, and Barcus-berry
  • In house equipment for both live and studio recording sessions

Studio Pricing and Procedure

  1. Meet with us to estimate the size of your project and the time needed to complete it.
  2. Make the required 50% deposit on or before the first day of recording.
  3. After recording is complete, make the second payment of 25%.
  4. The remaining 25% is due when the master is completed and delivered.

What does this mean?

This all adds up to a wonderful experience. Call today to find out about these and the many more benefits available to you at TCWM Music Studios.  Call to see if you qualify for special discounts.