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Guidelines and Suggestions for Musicians, Singers, and Intercessors

1.  This is Inner Court ministry; everything that is done here is to minister unto the Lord!  He is our audience of ONE.  Ministering to the Lord includes these three focal points:  music, prayer, and the Word.  All other ministry (praying for others, personal prophetic words, etc.) is secondary to this and should occur as God shows His love, grace, and mercy towards His children.  Please be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

2.  Worship that is pleasing to God cannot be accomplished without clean hands and a pure heart.  (Psalm 24:4)  Penitent humility is always the appropriate approach to reverent worship; true reverence is a condition of the heart.  Come prepared!

3.  Never come to the altar to worship unprepared!  Prepare your heart, mind, body, spirit and your offering.  The biblical definition of offering is what you give beyond the tithe (10%) and it should always be the best you have to offer.  Examples are a new song for a singer, a new melody for an instrumentalist, and a fresh prayer for an intercessor.  Remember Malachi 3.

4. Have the heart of a servant. Do all you can to support the members of your team as you worship together.

5. Prepare in advance.  It is very appropriate to work for weeks if necessary to bring your first fruits to the altar.  Remember that it is impossible to out give God!

6. Be open minded and as versatile as possible.  Read and study new passages of scripture, play a new style of music, sing a new song, sing the Word!  Experiment in worship; this approach will enable you to become a well-rounded worshiper.

7.  Always do your best to be prompt for your scheduled worship time.  Even though our Heavenly Father is forgiving, and we are understanding, being ready to begin on time   shows priority and commitment.

8. Seek God prior to your time of worship and He will reveal to you His perfect plan for that time. All we must do is listen and obey.

9. Always bring your own Bible, instrument or other equipment needed to worship.  Never assume you can use another person’s instrument, etc. unless you make arrangements prior to arrival.  The Cross Worship Ministry does provide some equipment.  Please work out the details ahead of time, not during a worship segment.