Additional options for you include either a touch screen or physical button version. With a sleek, slim design, it’s the first non-deadbolt option in the Assure Lock series. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. We won’t walk through all the steps (there are a lot), but it’s not much different from installing a deadbolt smart lock, just with some extra steps relating to the position of the lever, securing the lever handles, and inserting the cylinders. The lock will sense your phone when it’s nearby, unlocking the system automatically. At Postscapes we combine our years of experience following the smart home market along with user reviews to take the guesswork out of living securely connected. Here are some of your options. Price when reviewed$279 Create unique entry codes for friends and family and … Yale Security Assure Lock SL – Key-Free Touchscreen Door Lock in Satin Nickel; 3. The lock does not have its own dedicated smart phone app and relies heavily on either the August app if you have that version or your smart home hub app. The Yale Assure lever lock is designed to replace doors with just a handle/lever hole and for places where you do not need a physical key for access. This smart lock goes on any standard door that doesn’t have a deadbolt. This $279 smart door lock has the good looks of Yale's earlier models, but it … © Postscapes. They provide security, convenience, peace of mind – and they have some serious wow-factor (walking up to your front door and having it unlock for you is still pretty cool, admit it). What are the locks dimensions? In our review of Yale Assure Lever Smart Lock with Keypad, you will see how this unique smart lever locks works along with August Connect, a WiFi bridge to help connect your lock to your home security system or other smart connected devices. Amazon Price $299.00 2. 108 Reviews. What kind of security does the lock offer? The Good With no place to put a key, the Yale Assure smart lock effectively eliminates the threat of someone breaking in using a lockpick or a bump key. The Yale smart lock is a well-designed that has a minimalist forward panel with the touchpad. It does everything the August Smart Lock does, and you control it all through the August app. Features Yale Smart Asure Digital Lever LockSatin Nickel The Assure Keyless Lever is all you need on your front door. Backset = 2-3/8" or 2-3/4" (60mm or 70mm)Door thickness = 1-3/8" or 1-3/4 (35mm or 44.5mm). © Postscapes. 3,420 Views 3 Comments. It comes with August Door Sense, a motion sensor to monitor who comes and goes through your door. Any information on number of users supported? Both have backlit numbers, and which one you’ll use comes down to personal preference; for the less-techie user the physical buttons aren’t as intimidating, but the touchscreen looks cooler as it’s all black when not in use. Mechanical Warranty. Aside from the electronic components, Yale smart locks all provide a lifetime warranty that covers the mechanical parts and exterior finish of the lock.This is common in smart locks. Yale Assure Smart Lock with Lever $179 $179.00 + 9 Deal Score. Note: You will need the August connect version for this to work. This will keep your lock running for a long time, because it has battery-saving features such as a timeout if you’re taking too long to enter a code. Overall the Yale Assure lever is a solid option that has good user reviews and a wide range of connectivity options to fit your exact needs. Yale Assure Lock Keypad with Norwood Lever in Satin Nickel; 2. No real dedicated app for the Yale Assure line. Zigbee, Control4 and Crestron modules are in the works. For a retrofit installation all the equipment you should need is a Philips head screwdriver. The Yale Security YRL236-CBA-0BP Assure Smart Keypad Lever Lock, Oil-Rubbed Bronze is an interesting concept. Note: There is no out of the box Alexa skill for this lock, you will be using your smart home hub skill like Wink or SmartThings, Note: There is no native Google Assistant skill, you will be using August App or your smart home hub or security system skill like Wink or SmartThings. Could be a benefit but not having a physical key slot or backup key could be seen as a downside. While it's nothing fancy to look at, the Assure has a ton of great use-cases in the home, and just by popping in a smart module it becomes the ideal smart lock for whatever smart home set-up you have. 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This lock lets you turn any regular, non-deadbolt door smart, extending the benefits of the smart lock to the whole home instead of only the front and back doors. It comes in different finishes for you to choose the one that matches your style and complements your door. The Assure Lever … The Yale Assure SL smart lock is different.